San (サン San) is the deuteragonist and titular character of Princess Mononoke and she is also known by the name Princess Mononoke (もののけ姫 Mononoke Hime). She is the human daughter of Moro and the sister of her two pups, Moru and Yama. She has a very mild attitude and a deep distrust for the humans. She eventually befriends the Emishi prince Ashitaka and they become close.

Appearance Edit

San has short olive hair which is let loose and her eyes are olive as well. There are two long red upside-down triangles on her cheeks and a smaller upside-down triangle on her forehead. Her normal outfit consists of black singlet with another loose white singlet on top, a frayed black skirt and white fabric shoes. She accessorises a lot as she wears large white circle earrings, a tooth necklace, armbands on each arm, a headband with a circle and the crystal dagger that Ashitaka gave her.

When she is in battle, she wears a red clay mask with orange lining and is connected to a thick fur cape and two clay "ears". She has two masks over the course of the movie. The first mask fully covers her face that seems to resemble a Kodama's face with a second one covering only the upper side of her face with her mouth exposed.

Personality Edit

San is shown to be quite feisty and tough as she was raised by Moro, the wolf god. Due to her upbringing, she can fight, talk to animals and deeply cares for the forest and its inhabitants. And be quite misanthropic, Thinking herself as a wolf. However, after meeting Ashitaka, She becomes in love with him.

Abilities and Weapons Edit

San seems to have above normal human agility, being able to dodge bullets with ease and move at above human speeds. For weapons she carries a bone knife with red markings and a spear with similar markings. She later gains Ashitaka's crystal dagger.