Forest Gods &nbspEdit

They are enormous animal gods who owe their life to the great Forest Spirit and they use to live in harmony with humans but years past by the humans began to chop down the forest and that angers them. Like all Forest Gods they usally don't talk with their mouth open instead they mostly keep their mouth shut and mostly when they talk but their words doesn't match to their dubbing ( their kind of really at bad dubbing ). They live in the forests and most of their homes were chopped down by humans and they would do anything to get the humans out of the forest and to save their own home forest they have a deep hatred for humans. Soon they were about to began a war that the humans would never forget between them and the humans after the Forest Spirit was finally rested in peace the war was over they were finally at peace with the humansEdit

Diffrent types of Forest clansEdit

Boar tribe: Lord Okkoto, Nago/ Tatari Gami, boarsEdit

Wolf tribe; Moro, Yama, Moru, San/ adopted daughterEdit

Ape tribe: apesEdit